Preservation Alliance of Spring Lake


The Preservation Alliance of Spring Lake is a non-profit group of community volunteers dedicated to maintaining the historical beauty and charm of our seaside town.  As our mission statement promises, the group works “to foster appreciation and proactive planning for the preservation of Spring Lake’s unique architectural, cultural and natural significance”.

To this end, we work closely with borough officials and other local groups,advocating for the recognition of Spring Lake's historic features in town planning. We also help to seek funding for the restoration of those elements and structures threatened by neglect and decay.

The PASL holds several annual events in an effort to share our history, to encourage active participation in preservation and to honor those residents who have maintained and improved historic homes.

The Alliance meets monthly and communicates with members and residents through biannual newsletters and emails.  We invite everyone to join us and to help in achieving our goals.


Welcome to the Preservation Alliance of Spring Lake